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Phytochemical drug discovery for antivirals

A scientific approach to Rx from nature

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The study of plant-derived protease inhibitors

EMSKE Phytochem is committed to the research of nature-based compounds for some of humanity's most difficult viral pathologies. By using the latest biochem-informatic simulation technologies and applying strict phytochemical methodologies, we’re illuminating pathways to affordable antivirals.  Get to know us to understand our approach.

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A rational approach to plant medicinals

Applying the latest analytical technologies, EMSKE Phytochem takes a rational, scientific approach to plant-based medicinals.  EMSKE focuses attention on plant-based protease inhibitors for combatting human-infectable viral pathogens.

Isolated plant compounds

Leveraging results from the academic phytochemicals community, we study the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, & mechanism-of-action of isolated plant compounds as  active pharmaceutical ingredient (API ) candidates.

Whole plant extract study

We also catalog the assemblage of phytochemical constituents in entire plant extracts. These efforts support identifying abundant plant sources of key APIs. Purified extract forms can then be proposed for laboratory & clinical verification.

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